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When you are young need some help.

Record Companys and Labels are signing artists to publish their music. To be honest, both parties want the party to suceed. So the target is clear, but the methods are often not. We'd like to give you a piece of transparacy how to climb on that hill.

Thus, the following page will guide you through the main process of publishing your music.

So go ahead and make good music, it's that simple.

There may be further questions for you. Scroll down (use the arrow button) or directly...

Recording & Mixing

First of all, you need MUSIC. I bet you have some.

Your task is to produce fantastic music. Record it in the best possible way and submit it to the label. Do me a favour and send a link to your Soundcloud page or any other. If you already have CDs, tapes or whatever you can send it physically - don't use smoke signals...

To be honest, you may be a good musician, but mixing is not your scene? Don't worry, our mixing service will solve your problem, and it's affordable.

The most and mighty problem for the people is the legendary mastering. I will not discuss, that actually this term is wrong. Anyway, let's stick to it. And we love to do it for you, it's the pug's favourite work (the treats are the best).
Mixing Service

Really, this is an important step to a good product. And there are a lot of rules to be aware of. If you're not into it - doesn't matter. We can do this. Even if your not a contract member of Hug the Pug Records. It's less for members, that's for sure. Ask for a price list.

If you want your song or album to be mixed, get in touch with the pug. It will be important to declare what your idea is about. Certainly, you have an (Billy) Idol / ideal - send me a sample of the best recording or just send a link to it.

After you have placed your order, you'll have to transfer your files. Don't use stem files for the Mixing Service unless the recording was like this.

You will get feedback in different stages of work. If you are not satisfied, the pug will bite you, so don't dare...
Mastering Service

We love mastering! You can book this service even if you're not a member of Hug the Pug Records. Ask for a price list. A ball park figure: Mastering in the box starts from € 40,-* per song. There is a discount for a complete album.

There are some things you opt for or you are forced to select.
Maybe you like to have an analog summing? Or a stem mastering? Or even both of it? If there's a special time killer like repairing files there may be some extra cost. It depends on the quality of your mixing, so do the best for it or let it be done. There's a discount on the full package (Mixing and Mastering).

*yeah, from time to time, there is a discount, ask for it.
Some more Services

We collaborate with a local photograph and video producer, there's some discount if you book it via Hug the Pug (members only).

We offer a homepage service, that means, if you have no (html-) clue at all, we configure it for you. Bite for it. You need an example? Have a look...

We configure your cover arts with photoshop & co., creating teasers and more. Just ask or bite for it.

Currently, we are negotiate to offer more services like marketing, vinyl and cd manufacturing and more.   

Stephan Chauvel, Mastering Engineer on SoundBetter
Alternative Booking Service
You may also book the service via SoundBetter. Click on the icon.
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